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10 Things That Make Postpartum Recovery A Bit Easier

Hey MWC Mommas,

So ladies, if you have already given birth, you know the secret. Postpartum recovery is NOT fun. Most mommas skip the crappy parts about postpartum when it comes to posting on social media, because let's face it, it ain't cute. When it comes to postpartum recovery, there are things that I found I have NEEDED both times I delivered. These things may be different for a momma who delivers via c-section, so keep that in mind. Here are 10 things that make postpartum recovery a bit easier. Your hospital will provide most of these for you if you ask. ALWAYS ask for extra.

1. Sitz Bath

I soaked two or three times a day with my Sitz bath to relieve the pain and swelling. About a week postpartum, I added Epsom salt to speed up the healing. Don't worry, the salt doesn't burn.

2. Peri Bottle

The hospital will almost always give you one of these. However, it wouldnt hurt to order another one from Amazon. These keep you clean when you use the bathroom and soothe the area.

3. Tux Pads

These little witch hazel pads are SO important. They help soothe the area and even act as an astringent.

4. Hemmrhoid Cushion

Sitting becomes very difficult after giving birth. However, with one of these it becomes easier because the hole in the pillow makes it so you aren't putting pressure down there.

5. Overnight Maxi Pads

The hospital pads usually don't have wings so they can be inconvenient. They also are more likely to cash rashes. They did for me, so I switched to overnights and it was much better.

6. Comfortable Underwear

They should be at least a size bigger than what you were already wearing. You need space for the giant pads and ice packs. Your butt will thank you.

7. Dermoplast

This spray cools the area instantly. It doesn't last for too long, but it definitely provides relief for a short period.

8. Colace

Because using the bathroom postpartum is terrifying. You can also take Miralax.

9. Nursing Pads

Your boobs might be leaky, so to save your shirts, pop some of these babies in your bra.

10. Ice Pads or Ice Packs

THESE are a MUST. I took at least 20 from the hospital. In the first week, I used one every 3 to 4 hours.

Are there any other things that you absolutely NEEDED postpartum? Let me know @momswhochilll , @nastasiascott , or

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