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10 Things You Can Do On Sunday To Make Your Week Easier #RESETDAY

Hey MWC Mommas,

Whether you are a stay at home mom, work from home mom, a mom who works outside the home, or even if you aren't a mom yet, things get chaotic. THEY JUST DO. Taking a day to prepare for the rest of your week can make ALL the difference. This is called a reset day. My reset day is typically Sunday, but if my Sunday is particularly busy, or maybe I am just not feeling up to it, it could even be on a Monday. Choose your day based on what works best for your schedule. Reset days are a not only a chance to prepare for the week ahead, but to recover from the previous week.

I CANNOT tell you how many times I thought to myself, "wow, I ate 45 donuts, 118 cookies, and 5 frozen pizzas last week." The common theme in all of those weeks was, NO RESET DAY, hence no meal prep. If doing all of your reset tasks doesn't sound possible you can do one in the beginning and middle of your week. For example, Sunday and Wednesday. I've also done that multiple times. So my MWC Mommas, here are 10 things you can do during your reset day to make the rest of your week easier.

1. Meal Prep

To me this is the most important because it has a snowball effect. If I don't do this, I am more likely to just reach for anything, or heat up a frozen pizza for dinner or some microwaveable mac n cheese for my toddler. Then I feel bloated, low energy, and just like crap. If I already have something prepared, it's all good. I will have separate posts about this in the future.

2. Write Down Your Goals

These might be short term things that you want to accomplish. This can be anything from how many ounces of water you want to drink, to things you want to get done for work. They could also be bigger things like starting a Youtube channel (in my case lol).

3. Deep Clean

I do speed cleaning for about 20 minutes a day, but you may need to increase your time because not everyone lives in an apartment. However, once a week I try to do a deep clean. You know all the gross stuff like the bathrooms and dust bunnies.

4. Pick Your Outfits And Your Kid's Outfits For The Week

Make sure to check the weather for the upcoming week so you don't have to modify the outfits too much.

5. Declutter Your Mail

I have a basket that I put my mail in. I put the mail in it throughout the week and try to declutter it once a week.

6. Groceries

I like to order my groceries online to avoid going to crowded store. Try to make your list as thorough as possible to avoid having to go back 30 times throughout the week.

7. Make a List of Small Areas You Want to Declutter.

Do it. It feels amazing when you get these done. This one can be done once or twice a month, depending on how much stuff you have .

8. Take Care of Yourself

Do a deep conditioner for your hair, face mask, do your nails, do your eyebrows, and/or shave. I'm not really into doing my nails, but the rest of these things make me feel cute. Whatever makes you feel nice and refreshed and ready to start the week.

9. Laundry

This is probably my least favorite. Because I live in NYC, most of our apartments don't have washers and dryers. Because of this, I actually have to leave my house to do my laundry. With two kids and two adults in my house, laundry can PILE UP. Don't let it pile up sis. You will regret it. I have many times. lol

10. Declutter your phone and answer emails.

It sounds crazy, but all of those emails, photos, apps, and virtual junk actually pile up and sit in the back of our minds. Delete them and answer your emails. It will leave you feeling like a new woman.

MWC Mommas, if there are anything things you do to reset your week please let me know via @momswhochilll , @nastasiascott or . I would love to add them to the list! #momlife #momswhochilll #momswhochillltips #resetday #selfcare

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