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11 Things Your Toddler Can Do To Keep Them Busy, And to Keep You Sane During Quarantine

Hey MWC Mommas,

With all that's going on, things have been CHAOTIC. Many moms are finding ourselves at home 24/7, which is completely foreign to us. Other moms are used to being home, being stay at home moms, but aren't exactly used to homeschooling our kids. There are even moms who work from home, and now need to try to find a way to keep their kids occupied while also getting things done. Whatever the case is, we all need some things that our kids can do keep them busy. As a mom to a toddler and an infant, I need ALL the tips on how to keep my little ones busy and stimulated, so the dreaded boredom doesn't strike. My 2 year old doesn't have the longest attention span, so these are some of the things that keep him occupied longer than other things I've tried. Some of these require mommas involvement, but some do not. Here are 11 things your little one can do to stay occupied during quarantine.

1. Sink Play

My son LOVES to play with water. I give him some big spoons, a few toys, run the warm water, sit him in a sturdy chair in front of the sink, and he has the time of his life.

2. Stroller Tag

My mom invented this one. In order to keep both of the kids occupied, she puts my 4 month old in the stroller and chases my toddler around. He burns some energy, and my little one thinks he's on the ride of his life. Just make sure everything is baby proofed and safe for running around.

3. Youtube on the TV

I know there are so many moms that avoid screen time like the plague. This mom, DOES NOT. I love using Youtube to keep my son busy. He's learned so much from the videos he has watched, including the names of many dinosaurs and construction vehicles (look up Blippi).

4. Hide And Seek

This one is a classic. My son gets offended when I find him too quickly, so I usually walk around tidying up while I call for him. He hides in plain sight 100 percent of the time, poor little guy. We are going to have to work on that.

5. Mommy's Little Helper

I am a big advocate of teaching toddlers to clean up after themselves. If you have to do some cleaning, give your little one a rag and a spray bottle filled with water. They will love helping you, and it will keep them busy. It also allows you to do what you have to do as well.

6. Kid Architect

Get some boxes and other things that you were going to recycle. Give your little one some markers and ask them to build a little town or city. You will be amazed at what they do. You can even give them a giant box and ask them to build a house.

7. Dance Party

This one is my favorite. I like to put on my own music , ya know because self-care, and dance with my kids. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen our moves. Even if you don't have a toddler, this is a great one. I put my baby in a harness and drop it like its hot.

8. Blocks

Blocks not only help your kids stay busy; they teach them fundamental skills like problem solving. My favorite block set is from Loveevery because it comes with more than just square blocks. It really get's Zhen's imagination going. Highly recommend!

9. Anything You Can Color

Although yes, coloring books are a go-to, get creative on what you give your kids to color. My son had colored on the back of a cereal box and on a gallon of water that was bound for recycling. I've asked my son when I was leaving for the store if there is anything he wants and he says "colors!." He loves his markers. Now to figure out a solution for all the missing caps. Just make sure they don't color your walls! Because as we all know, that's a thing.

10. Build a Fort Or Tent

My son has a little dinosaur tent that he loves. He puts a bunch of toys in there and makes up his own little stories about why he's hiding in there, a.k.a. a dinosaur outside the tent. He also has a fort that his dad built that we call the potty cave. That's his man cave. Gotta love him.

11. Busy Bags

Get some pipe cleaners, fuzzy balls, markers, and pretty much anything that is kid safe and colorful, and your little one will have a good time. Just seat them at the table and you're in business. Oh toddlers, how easily they can be entertained.

If you mommas have any other ideas of things your toddler can do to stay busy during quarantine, let me know at @nastasiascott , @momswhochilll or

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