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12 Tips To Try if No Matter How Much You Clean, Your House Is Still a Mess

Hey MWC Mommas,

So, I dont know if it's just me, but I spend WAY too much of my day cleaning. It seems like I'll clean, then two seconds later a mini tornado ran through the house. Rather than just accept this as part of #momlife , I am going to be trying some tips that I researched that will hopefully help me keep a clean house. Here's a quick list some things I will be trying ! Let me know what you think. ❤

  1. Scrap Bowl


You put all your peels and well, scraps in, and when you are done cooking you throw it out instead all being scattered al over your counter.

2. Don't have a million toys.

I get a ton of pushback on this, but I'm a firm believer in this. My toddler still has waaaay too many toys, but I've also donated a ton.

3. Donate big items that you don't need.

Baby items such as swings and rockers fall into this category. If you have family or friends that may need it, they would definitely appreciate them if it's something they were planning on buying already.

4. Teach your kids to help.

There are so many ways your little ones can help you around. I have a dedicated post to ways your toddler can help.

5. Cleaning Bursts

Set 20 minutes on a timer and pick everything up before bed time, or at a time that is most convenient for you. Gotta love a good speed clean.

6. Capsule Collections

In our last apartment, I narrowed all of my clothing down to TWO drawers. I only kept things I actually like to wear. Having items that you love, that match everything can help you not have a million random clothing items on the floor when you get dressed. It's time to declutter my clothes again, and I plan on decluttering my kid's clothes, and creating capsule collections for them as well.

7. Hire Help

One of my favorite authors suggested having a cleaner come once a month , or twice a week, or however often you can afford to give your hours a DEEP clean. She stated that it's often much less expensive than you think, and it will give you a bit of a break. It's a way to treat yourself.

8. Wash Dishes As You Use Them

Ugh this one is so hard. Dishes are my least favorite task. My research stated that by leaving dishes in the sink overnight, you're pretty much setting yourself up for failure. If you have a dishwasher, run it before you go to bed.

9. Do Your Laundry As Soon As the Basket is Full

To be honest, if I didn't feel like doing laundry, I've been known to pull out another basket and let that one pile up too. As much as it sucks to do, 100 pounds of laundry isn't too fun either.

10. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Where You Will Use Them

If you have to truck it to the other side of your house just to get bathroom tile cleaner, there's a million things that could distract you on the way there. Keep it in your bathroom cabinet (out of your kid's reach of course) and you're more likely to do it.

11. To- Go Basket

Have a basket in each room for the things that belong somewhere else. Pop them in the basket and bring them where they belong when you leave the room.

12. Don't Let Mail Pile Up

Paper clutter can be a pain. If you don't need it, get rid of it. I would advise going paperless when you can.

Do you have an tips to help you keep a clean home? If you would like to be interviewed for the MWC Mommas series, please email me at . Be sure follow @momswhochilll #momswhochilll #MWCMommas #momlife

Together we can become @momswhochilll

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