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22 REALISTIC Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Hew MWC Mommas,

We often get so caught up in our duties as moms, that we forget about ourselves. When we think of self-care, we think of women with their hair in perfect ponytails sitting on a mountain top with the sunrise behind them and their hands in a prayer position in front of their chests. Or, we think of women at the spa with strategically placed cucumbers on their eyes and a white robe on laying on a massage table. But let's face it, that's not realistic for many moms. Idk about you, but I don't have time for that. We HAVE to take care of ourselves, not just so our kids can get the best version of us, but so we can as well. It's easy for many of us to put on a brave face for our babies, but how we feel when we get a second alone is what we have to pay attention to. That being said here are some REALISTIC self-care ideas for moms. This post will be updated with your suggestions, so please send them to me ! ❤

1. Listen to YOUR own music.

We often find ourselves listening to Itsy Bitsy Spider for hours on end. Make it a priority to listen to your own music. You can even find music that both you and your kids like.

2. Take a power nap (or two or three).

Any time you are exhausted and there is an opportunity to sleep, do it. I don't really believe "sleep when they sleep" is realistic, but try when you can.

3. Learn a new recipe.

I've recently learned chickpea curry, cauliflower buffalo wings, and empanadas.

4. Take a bath or shower UNINTERRUPTED.

If you have someone else that can be with your kids while you do this, you can make it an experience. Dim the lights, light a candle, and put on some music. I am not a bath person, so I do this when I can while I'm in the shower.

5. Declutter small areas in your home.

I LOVE doing this. I feel refreshed even after decluttering a drawer.

6. Have a social media free day.

Two hours on social media will make you feel unaccomplished, out of shape, lazy, and boring all at the same time. Stay away on days that you already feel like crap.

7. Watch YOUR own shows/movies.

My son is famous for saying " I want to watch my shows, not your shows." I usually tell him he can watch what he wants when I'm done watching American Idol lol.

8. Have a news free day.

The news can be depressing. Don't worry, your mom/partner/friend/sibling will warn you if the apocalypse is coming in the fews hours you've turned off your phone. Only do this when you are with your kids.

9. Get outside.

With the current state of the world, be sure to do this carefully. I wouldn't reccomend going to public places. Sitting on your porch or stoop might do the trick. I NEED fresh air or I go crazy.

10. Read or listen to an audio book.

Since I've had kids I mostly just listen to my audio books. The free version of this is to listen to people who motivate you on Youtube.

11. Write a list of 5 mini goals.

Make them small, and check them off when you are done.

12. Deep Condition Your Hair.

I do this twice a week. I have curly hair that can get super dry, and I'm trying to fight that #postpartumshedding

13. Do a face mask.

I don't do this much. But when I do, I feel all types of cute after lol.

14. Create a budget.

We often get stressed out about our finances, but creating a budget will help you feel more in control. Much of the time, you will find you have more than you need.

15. Make a "things I want to learn list."

16. Text or call one person that always puts a smile on your face or motivates you.

17. Have a prep day.

Prep everything you can, like your meals, to make your week easier. I will have a post on this.

18. Unfollow accounts and people that make you feel like crap.

If you don't want to hurt their feelings, find a way to mute them.

19. Turn off your phone for a few hours.

Only do this when you are with your kids of course. Tell your your partner or people who might contact you a lot that you are doing this.

20. Clean out your phone.

We often have a lot of ASPIRATIONAL apps on our phones. Often, these can be a reminder of things that we haven't gotten around to accomplishing yet. Delete the apps until you have ready to use them.

21. Say NO.

If you don't want to go, don't. If it interferes with your happiness, skip it. Period.

22. Limit your interaction with Judgy Judies.

You don't need that kind of energy in your life sis.

Remember mommas, Self care doesn't have to be Instagram worth. Sometimes it's just a 20 minute nap or an uninterrupted shower.

For more MWC tips, faves, and encouragement follow. Also, message me the things you do for self-care. I look forward to updating this list ❤. @momswhochilll and @nastasiascott ! #momswhochilll #momlife #momfaves #mwcmommas #momwhochillltips #momswhochilllfaves

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