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4 Breastfeeding Faves For A Mom Who Wasn't A Fan of Breastfeeding

Hey MWC Mommas,

So let me start out by saying something I realized some moms may not like. BREASTFEEDING IS JUST NOT FOR ME. I am not a fan. My first son, I didn't breastfeed. The first and second day in the hospital I gave a half-hearted attempt at it. I knew I wanted to give him colostrum but in my heart I knew that my attempts wouldn't go far beyond that. My best friend's mom came to the hospital to see the baby and tried to help me with this. You know it's real when your besties mom is trying to help you stick your boob in your baby's mouth lol. Most of the women in my family did not breastfeed. It's just not something I feel connected to. So I went through the painful process of getting engorged for a few days and trying to stop myself from producing more milk. Fast forward two years, my new son is born right smack in the middle of flu season. I knew I was going to try to breastfeed as long as I could take it. My goal was March, when spring came. I wanted my baby to be as protected from viruses as possible, and I figured breastmilk might help with that. In total, I lasted two months non-exclusively breastfeeding. I dealt with painful and huge lumps almost every single day. 99 percent of the time I was pumping, rather than putting him to my boob. Weirdly enough, every time I would hear him cry, I got a pain in my boobs and a feeling of overwhelming dread. I am proud of myself for lasting 2 months, as bad as I was feeling. Zhakai had no issues with the transition due to the fact that most of his diet was formula anyway. With all that being said, there are 3 products that made my life way easier during the stretch that I was breastfeeding. Here they are mommas:

1. Mrs. Patel's Lactation Cookies

I was shocked at how amazing these lactation cookies tasted. They were so good that I found myself looking at the back of the package to see if I could recreate them to eat for dessert without the lactation ingredients. I am pretty sure I would have failed at that, so I’m just going to leave the brilliant cookie making up to Mrs. Patel. Also, these are fenugreek free, dairy free, and gluten free. But unlike some other products that leave out those these, they aren’t taste free. They have nutritious ingredients like coconut oil, flax seed meal, oats, and sunflower lecithin. I actually took lecithin supplements to help with my clogged ducts, so the fact that Mrs. Patel’s Lactation cookies use it as one of the ingredients. Is a definite plus. They are baked fresh and the hardest part for me was eating the 1-2 daily recommended amount. I am a binge cookie eater. I had already decided that I wanted to be done with breastfeeding by the time I got these, but the skeptic in me didn’t believe they would help anyway. To my surprise, they did. I think before you try any other kind of gross edible lactation product, try these. If you like the taste of fenugreek, they also have lactation bars.

2. Silverette USA Nursing Cups

We have all seen the photos of the moms writhing in pain from cracked, sore nipples. It is SUCH a pain. Silverette USA cups use the healing properties of silver to protect and soothe the nipples. Anything we can do to lessen the pain associated with breastfeeding, we should totally do it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER mommas. Be sure to wear them 24/7 in between feedings and not to use oils or creams while you are using the cups. I am so happy that companies like this have taken notice of the pain that many breastfeeding mommas are dealing with, and are trying their best to help.

3. Anook Athletics Nila Bra

I am in complete love with this company. It was founded by a fellow momma and prenatal yoga teacher named Allie Lindenmuth. Anook Athletics creates maternity and postpartum athletic apparel that is meant to transition with you as your body changes. Anook’s Nila Bra is my favorite bra OF ALL TIME. I first got it while I was pregnant and started wearing it then. When Zhakai was born, it was the first thing I put on that wasn't provided by the hospital. boobs lol. It fit ALL of the stages. The bra fit my pregnancy boobs, my super engorged postpartum boobs, and my tint postpartum boobs lol. It is super soft and comfortable and all I had to do when I wanted to pump or breastfeed Zhakai was unclip the strap and go to town. Even when I was leaking a ton, the milk never reached the surface or my clothes because of the sewn in breast pads. Since I’m not really into the whole push-up bra thing, I’m going to need these in every color. Anook boobs all the way!

4. LaVie Lacation Massager

When I was dealing with the lumps from clogged ducts, I was desperate to find a solution. I went to a lactation consultant that stressed the importance of massaging the lumps out. This process was pretty painful to do manually, so I did some research in hopes that I could find something that made it a bit easier. I found the LaVie Lactation massager. I ordered it immediately after reading some reviews. I can tell y, it definitely helped. It helped me to massage lumps out much faster that I could do manually. I felt that the milk released easier and I had less pain. If you are dealing with lumps, I would definitely recommend this!

If you ladies have any other breastfeeding faves, I would love to hear them! Even though I am done with my breastfeeding journey this time around, I would love to recommend some things to other breastfeeding moms!

SUMMARY: Faves That Make Life Easier With A Baby

1. What It is:

Mrs. Patel's Lactation Cookies

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

These cookies are an easy and non-gross way to promote lactation and get the nutritional support you need as a postpartum mom.

2. What It Is:

Silverette USA Cups

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

These nursing cups help heal the cracked and damaged nipples that can occur from breastfeeding through the healing properties of silver.

3. What It Is :

Anook Athletics Nila Bra

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

This bra is awesome because it transitions with you through pregnancy and postpartum and it easy to unclip during breastfeeding. It also prevents you from leaking through your shirt.

4. What It Is:

LaVie Lactation Massager

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

This product helps you massage out clogged ducts and helps prevent painful engorgement.

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