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4 Faves That Make Life With A Baby Easier : Part 1

Hey MWC Mommas,

I would like to start this post by saying that I am a SKEPTIC. If I'm being honest, I usually don't find products that even the most well intentioned people recommend to be all that helpful in my daily life. However, when I discover things that I actually love, I am the first one to shout it from the rooftops. Here are some that I have used that have made my life as a newborn mom way easier. This is only part one mommas, because I have found some GOODIES. These are not my images of the products but I will be updating this post with images of us using each of these as soon as my household recovers from this crappy flu. Until then, here are some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE products that make mom life easier with a baby.

1. The Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

This warmer is something I wish I would have had when my two year old was a newborn. He was exclusively formula fed and traditional bottle warmers just did NOT cut it. Usually they would take 15 or even 20 minutes to heat up. By that time, he was in full meltdown mode crying like he hadn't eaten in year. I transitioned to boiling water and placing the already made bottle in the water to heat up. This also became an annoyance because not only did I have to wait for the water to boil, I had to be super careful that I didn't leave it in the water for too long so it didn't become piping hot. When I discovered The Baby Brezza Instant Warmer, I honestly thought it was too good to be true. However, I quickly discovered it was AMAZING. I've been using it for about a month and a half and I'm in love. All I have to do is turn it on, press the temperature setting I want and wait for it to heat up. I press it whenever I want to make a bottle, add formula, and I am good to go. Even though is there is a heat up time, the difference is, once it is heated, the water is warm ALL DAY (you keep it plugged in). It holds 50z of water which is enough to last me for most of the day. When I run out of water, I rinse it, and put more water in and let it heat up again. It never gets too hot because the temperature settings are body temperature, room temperature, and warmer than body temperature. This is a must-have and If mine ever broke, you better believe I would order another one right away.

2. Angelcare Bath

This is my favorite in tub bath that I have used for either of my kids. I live in an apartment in NYC with a super mildew-prone bathroom. SO GROSS. Bath tubs I've had in the past for my babies have become nasty and mucky due to the air quality in my bathroom. The Angelcare bath is mildew resistant and drains almost instantly so I don't have to spill the water out at the end of the bath. It also pretty cute and fits in with the minimalist thing I'm desperately trying to achieve. I chose the grey so it would fit with the rest of my apartment. I would have to say though, that my favorite part of the bath is that there is a small hook on the top that allows you to hand the tub on the wall. When we are ready to use it. I take it off of the wall, put it in the tub, and I'm good to go. When we are done with it, we wipe it off with a paper towel and hang it back on the wall. That is as easy as it gets.

Here is Zhakai in the Angelcare Tub:

3. Lovevery Play Gym

As I mentioned above, I am working super hard at this whole minimalism thing. Both of my kids have had MULTIPLE play gyms. I usually end up donating them because my kids grow out of them super quickly and to be honest, a lot of them are eye sores. They are super brightly colored and might have some toys hanging from them, but I did some research and I am so happy to have found Lovevery. The Lovevery Play Gym is amazing because it transitions with your babies for an entire YEAR. That means your kids can learn something from it that coincides with how they are developing at that stage. THAT IS GENIUS. The Play Gym includes, a mirror card set, a common objects card set, a faces card set, a black and white card set, BPA free teething rings, an organic cotton teether, a batting ring, and an organic cotton contrast ball. The best thing about the Play Gym is that it came with The Guide, which gives parents a full year of ideas for how their babies can play with The Play Gym. I have never been more impressed. I can tell the people at Lovevery actually CARE about how babies learn and grow. They didn't just throw a mat together with some dangling toys in all different colors and shapes. As someone who is certified as a teacher, I can totally tell that their products were developed by child development experts. I cannot wait to try some more stuff from them. YASSS to intentional play.

4. Embé Starter Swaddle

My 4 month old Zhakai is one of those babies that cries when he is not being held. He is getting better with being put down, but he definitely prefers to feel the comfort of mommy and daddy's arms. This is even true for when he slee ps. My first son, Zhen, broke out of this phase quickly and preferred laying down on his own. Due to Zhakai's need to be held, the Embé Starter Swaddle was PERFECT. It made Zhakai feel secure even when he wasn't being held. The swaddle can be worn with his legs in or out and allowed him to be cooled down, warmed up. It also made changing his diapers easy. I loved that the neckline of the swaddle didn't rise. I have used other swaddles that I felt unsure about because I felt when Zhakai moved a bit to much, the swaddle would start digging into his neck, which of course is not a risk that I am willing to take. This swaddle comforted my little needy man and I couldn't be more thankful for the extra hours of sleep. This swaddle was his dad's favorite too.

Here is a pic of my little babe in the Embé Starter Swaddle:

If you ladies have any faves that make life easier with a baby, I would love to try them! I will only ever recommend things I absolutely love!

SUMMARY: Faves That Make Life Easier With A Baby

1. What It is:

Baby Brezza

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

Every time you need perfectly warm water for formula, it's ready instantly. It takes about 30 seconds for me to make a bottle from start to finish.

2. What It Is:

Angelcare Bath

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

My little one doesn't slip in this tub and I love that there is a hook on the top that makes it easy to store. It is also mildew resistant and easy to dry and clean with a paper towel.

3. What It Is :

Lovevery Play Gym

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

The play gym transitions with your baby so for the first year of your child's life, you won't need to buy multiple play gyms. It minimizes the baby clutter while making sure you baby's educational needs are being met.

4. What It Is :

Embé Starter Swaddle

Why It Makes Mom Life Easier:

This swaddle gives your baby a sense of safety and security and makes it so that babies who like to be held 24/7 are more comfortable laying down on their own. It also has a legs in and legs out feature if you want or need your baby's legs to be free.

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