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Meet MWC Momma: Cheila

Hey MWC Mommas,

I'm so excited to be introducing my new series, MWC Mommas. The goal of this series is to introduce you all to some amazing moms. They will share their stories, encouragement, and tips that make hopefully mom life a bit easier. I'm so excited to get to know you all, and create an amazing mom community. I met this momma on Instagram, and I am so happy I did. Here is MWC Momma, Cheila.

Name/ Occupation

Cheila (thehoney100)

Cosmetologist/Aspiring model

How old are your kids?

My son is 13 months old

Are you a single momma, do you have a partner, a co-parent, do friends or family help, a mix of all of these, or other? Please explain.

I’m currently engaged to my child’s father. My family and his, are extremely supportive of us being young parents. My mom is a big help to us she’s my biggest support system aside from my soon to be husband. My sisters love our son so much especially since he’s the first and only grandchild our mom has. 

Before you had kids, what ideas did you have about how you would be as a mother?

I always knew that I’d be a good mom. I didn’t know that I’d be so protective of my son though. I don’t really trust anyone with him besides my close family and his father. It’s hard for me to let go at times. 

What do you think is the most difficult part about being a mom?

The most difficult part about being a mom is learning how to have patience. I had very little patience to start with but I gain more patience everyday.

What is the best part about being a mom?

The best part about being a mom is being able to see my baby boy smile and grow. I love all the milestones he’s reaching. Every time he does something new I can’t help but cry of joy/ a bit of sadness because he’s growing up so quickly but I’m enjoying the ride

What are some hacks and tips that you use to make daily mom life easier?

Some tips and tricks that I learned along the way are to definitely give your baby Cheerios if you want them to stay still for a bit while you do house chores or use the restroom. Another tip, I learned is to play tons of music for baby to sleep. My son loves anything by Miles Davis! 

What are the most annoying daily tasks that you just wish you could make easier? How do you currently handle them?

The most annoying tasks would probably be having to clean ALL THE TIME! Currently what I do is take a few toys out at a time to avoid a huge mess.

What things do you wish you knew before becoming a mom?

I wish I knew how it was going to feel after giving birth. I completely felt like I had gotten hit by a truck. The after labor pain hurt way more than the actual labor in my opinion. 

How have the moms in your life shaped you and how you are as a mother?

My mom has definitely shaped the way I am when it comes to my sons meals. I’m always making sure he’s eating tons of different foods. She’s very big on always cooking for her children and I feel I’m the same way when it comes to my son

If there is a mom out there reading this that is struggling, what would you like to tell her?

If a mom who is struggling is currently reading this I would tell her that things do get better and to keep pushing and moving forward. It’s ok to have bad days but every new day is another chance to redeem yourself and try again. Even if you feel like you’re at your wits end, breathe and keep on going. I promise it’ll get better. 

If you would like to be interviewed for the MWC Mommas series, please email me at . Be sure follow @momswhochilll #momswhochilll #MWCMommas #momlife

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